Top 5 Tips of Pool Maintenance

Summer is approaching which means it’s the season for heading outdoors, grilling burgers and enjoying the pool with friends and family. However, in addition to getting the pool ready it’s important to maintain it throughout the summer months. Here are five easy tips to ensure your pool stays in prime form. 

  • Ensure you have proper equipment and ideal conditions to use the equipment. Fill your pool to a level that allows your skimmer to easily pull water for recirculation. Remove all the debris and clean your filter to ensure proper treatment of your water to keep it clean and sparkling. After cleaning your filter, you should turn on your circulation equipment (your pump and filter) for up to twelve hours every day.
  • Check the water level. Upon installation, a professional should inform you on what the appropriate water level is for your pool. Knowledge of the correct water level is important to ensure maintenance of the proper chemical balance in the pool. Water level is also important to allow the pump, filter, and other equipment to work properly.
  • Test and balance the water. It’s essential to keep the water properly balanced to ensure that the chemical treatments are effective and to prevent damaging the pool and its equipment. Go to your local pool supply store and purchase a pH testing kit! Ideal pH ranges are 7.4-7.6.
  • Sanitize your pool. Prevent bacteria, algae, and organic waste build up in your pool by constantly cleaning it. Frequently provide chlorine and other sanitizer treatment to your pool, amounts vary based on the size of your pool and how often it is used. Contact your local pool supply company to determine which method is best for your pool.
  • Administer Shock Treatment. Don’t allow your water to become cloudy. To maintain sparkle in the water and to eliminate germs you should give your pool a shock treatment every two weeks. The treatment should be performed after you have balanced the water. It is also recommended to perform shock treatment after heavy rain or after you’ve had a large amount of people in the pool.

So, what are you waiting for? Summer will come and go before you know it! Contact our team of pool experts at Atlantic Beach Pool and Patio today or visit our website, for more information on our services and how we can help you maintain your pool this season.

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