Prep Your Pool for Summer Fun

The wait is finally over! Winter weather is long gone and sunshine and warmer temps have you dreaming of days spent swimming and lounging by the pool. But first, pool owners must take the necessary steps to ensure the pool is clean and safe for swimmers. Here’s a look at a few preparation steps:

Pool Cover

The first thing to do when opening your pool is to remove the cover and clean it off. Lay it out flat so it can dry completely and brush off any leaves, dirt, and debris. Once clean, and completely dry, loosely fold your cover and store it in a location that is cool and free of moisture. 

Raise the water level

The next step is to fill the pool to raise the water level to back to normal. Once the water level has been raised, you can begin turning on the pool equipment including the pump, circulation and filtration systems.

Test your pool water chemistry

After letting the water circulate, a pool water analysis will need to be performed on your pool. This will test the levels for PH, total alkalinity, chlorine, and other chemical levels. It’s crucial that these levels are where they should be to prevent build-up and bacteria.

 Clean for debris

Once the water is at the correct chemical levels, it is important to vacuum and brush your pool, especially areas near any equipment as well as ladders, steps, and other accessories.

Run systems overnight

You will need to run both the circulation and filtration systems overnight. Running these systems will capture and filter out any unwanted remaining dirt, debris, and bacteria.

Shock your pool

The final step is to shock your pool – despite the other steps to opening your pool, some remaining bacteria and contaminants could linger. Shocking your pool will eliminate nearly all of them.

Opening your pool and ensuring it is ready for the summer season is no easy task, and should be done by the professionals.  Here at the Pool and Patio Store, we know what it takes to make a pool safe and ready for a season that’s sure to include hours spent swimming in the pool. If you have any questions on how to prepare your swimming pool for summer, or need additional assistance, please contact our experts. We have over 30 years experience and are here to help you with any of your pool or patio needs.

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