Mix Up Your Monotonous Exercise Routine with Swim Spas from AB Pool and Patio

Swim Spa

According to the Center for Disease Control, only 23% of Americans get enough exercise. In fact, people in the southeastern states get notably less exercise compared to the rest of the country. Here on the Crystal Coast, we know how beautiful an atmosphere we live in to get out and exercise, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Whether you don’t have time in your busy schedule, getting to the gym is too much of a task, or you are not sure where to start, one thing that makes getting in your activity for the day a bit easier is having the opportunity to exercise at home. Fortunately, AB Pool and Patio offers a solution to this: at home fitness with swim spas.

Exercising in the water offers a variety of benefits. The buoyancy that is naturally found in water instantly relives weight and tension from your bones and muscles. This allows your body to easily execute exercises in the water. Additionally, mild temperatures of swim spas works to prevent muscles and joint injuries. With a warm and comfortable exercise environment, your muscles and joints heat more quickly offering a situation that is ideal for fitness, safety, and comfortability.

Swim Spa

The Garden Swim Spa Line from AB Pool and Patio offers the benefits of both a gym and a pool right in your Eastern North Carolina backyard. The line features three different design styles, allowing you to select what works with your taste and needs. All spas are equipped with a sturdy shell lining, water purification system, and resistance exercise equipment. Come to AB Pool and Patio and check out these awesome spas for yourself! You will see they are even designed with a swim lane, a rowing kit, and a jet system.

If you are ready to mix up your standard workout routine or just get back into exercising, consider a Garden Leisure Swim Spa installed by AB Pool and Patio. This line of spas offer an aquatic center right in your own backyard.

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