The Best Beach Toys & Inflatable Paddle Boards Are at AB Pool and Patio

Hello Pool Season! Most of us here on the Crystal Coast are welcoming pool and water season with open arms. While we are anxious to spend our days relaxing by the pool or enjoying all the beach has to offer, it may be time for a refresh of your water accessories. Fortunately, AB Pool and Patio has quite the selection of beach toys and inflatable paddle boards to keep you and your family entertained and active on the water all summer long!

Beach and Pool Toys

Beach and pool days are best enjoyed with some toys to accompany them. You can only spend so much time sitting in a lounge chair poolside before needing a little something to add some fun to the day. AB Pool and Patio has a large selection of beach and pool toys that are practical and fun for all ages. From inflatable floats to relax while cooling off (or to take Instagram photos with) to more interactive items such as basketball hoops or volleyball nets, we have it all here. Make a stop to AB Pool and Patio as you prepare your summer setup to ensure you won’t hear “I’m bored” these next few months.

Inflatable Paddle Boards

In recent years, paddle boarding has becoming increasingly popular and we can’t blame those who are hooked on it. Paddle boarding is a fun activity that nearly anyone can excel at and offers entertainment as well as exercise. Talk about a win-win. AB Pool and Patio is excited to offer inflatable paddle boards to residents of the Crystal Coast. We carry Aqua Marina’s line of paddleboards, which come in a wide selection of sizes, styles, and variations to accommodate anyone and everyone’s wants and needs. Unlike traditional paddleboards, the inflatable style is convenient, lightweight, and easy to use whenever and wherever. Whether you want to head to the beach with yours, bring it with you on a boat excursion, or practice your technique right at home in your AB Pool and Patio In Ground Pool, your inflatable paddleboard can quickly and easily be setup and enjoyed.

AB Pool and Patio offers many options in the pool and beach entertainment category for your family and friends to enjoy all season long. Contact our pool experts today or stop in the store to pick up your inflatable paddleboards, floats, pool toys, and more.

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