Take Control of Your Pool Ecosystem With Pentair’s Automation Systems

AB Pool & Patio offers Pentair automated pool systems, which give you the power to manage your pool lights, heaters, sanitation, and chemical readings, along with many other functions in a hassle-free way. This makes monitoring your pool even easier, and AB Pool & Patio can install these systems and lighting features to your outdoor living space so you can be well on your way to creating and controlling your own oasis.

Pentair Intelli-gence

Pentar ScreenLogic App

IntelliConnect Mobile App

Pentair offers many different products ranging in capabilities so each owner can find the one that is right for them. To highlight a few, the IntelliConnect, EasyTouch Control System, and IntelliCenter Control System, are among the featured products for the automated systems available. IntelliConnect is a simple, real-time pool controller that can control up to four pool devices and enables you to schedule and reschedule any of the connected equipment. The EasyTouch Control System controls more complex features than IntelliConnect, including operating flow pumps, heat pump integration, chlorine generator support, among much more. The IntelliCenter Control System is the latest control system from Pentair, and includes functionality over things such as spa jets, light and light show controls, and blower and water features.

Not only does Pentair provide a way to monitor and manage your pool functionality, but they have also created systems with the capability to go beyond pool management, where they can be connected to your landscape lighting and other outdoor systems. Depending what you wish to control and what best fits your home, Pentair has an automated system that is right for you.

Your Pool At The Palm Of Your Hands

IntelliConnect App

IntelliConnect App

Portable Controllers

The at-home control panels automate your experience and keep track of the status of your pool and patio equipment, but it doesn’t stop there. The systems come with the capability to access the status of your systems on your mobile devices. The systems can be operated from the system’s portable controllers, or any of your smart devices. This is done through the Pentair ScreenLogic Interface app or IntelliConnect app, to help you stay updated and in-control, no matter where you are. This feature is perfect for owners when they go out of town, or for managing pools at rental properties so the owners can control and keep track of their pool systems even while the homes are being rented.

There are a number of ways Pentair automated pool systems can help make managing your pool effortless. Let our shop guide you through your options so we can find and install the best system for you!

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