Garden Leisure Swim Spas Will Change Your Fitness Life in the Comfort of Your Own Home!

Women swimming in pool

Women swimming in pool

If you’re getting tired of the same old workout routine, or you just can’t seem to stick to a regular fitness schedule, we may have the answer to all of your problems. Atlantic Beach Pool and Patio Store installs Garden Leisure Swim Spas, which is a premium new line that is not only a personal aquatic fitness center in the luxury of your own home, but it also doubles as a pool for entertainment and relaxation. Installing a swim spa at your home can give you the motivation you need to stay in shape, and the excitement of various new workout options to shake-up your old, dull routine.

Swim spa coastal gray

Swim spa black

Swim spa mocha

The Premium Swim Spa line gives you a gym and pool in one, and its three different designs give you the opportunity to pick the spa that is best for you. Each includes a strong shell lining, resistance training exercise equipment, as well as a water purification system to ensure there is always clean water with each swim session. The line of swim spas also come with a swim lane for guidance, a rowing kit with resistance bands and bars, and powerful jet systems! To make things better, by doing underwater workouts, the exercise is twice as effective while also being less stressful on your joints. It’s a win-win!


Whether you choose to swim against the high-powered river jets, or just float and relax with friends, a swim spa can provide all you could imagine in an at-home pool. They are more energy efficient than regular swimming pools, and you even have the option to do an in-ground installation, or an above-ground installation. The spas come in multiple sizes, and the above-ground spas have many maintenance-free skirting designs to choose from to best fit your backyard atmosphere. Swim Spas can bring benefits to not just you, but your family too. Call us or come see us so we can help you start your aquatic fitness and pool relaxation today!

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