Fun pool accessories to make your outdoor events come together!

Grizzly Coolers

Summer isn’t quite over, so don’t leave August out! There are still plenty of warm, sunny days left that you can take advantage of, and we have all the things in store that you’ll need. AB Pool and Patio stocks an array of pool accessories in the store that are perfect for any occasion.

We all love the perfect pool float. At the store we have a number of different styles of floats to make everyone happy. Our pool “hammocks” are a popular item, as they allow for both floating and staying cool. With floats on either side and netting in the center that sinks down in the water, the float looks and acts exactly like a hammock… but in the water! Another great option that has a bit more floatation are our larger, blue blow-up floats. They have rows of holes along the whole lounging area, allowing for water to flow through. However, this float has more support and lifts you up to lay on top of the water more than the hammock floats allow. These floats also have great velcro head rests that you can blow up and stick to the head of the float for a blow-up pillow!

Going from a day-time pool party to an evening patio soiree, our floating LED lights are also a great accessory to add to your atmosphere; they’ll light up your night and show-off the clear and clean pool. The floats and lights are just a small portion of our pool accessory and toy selection, so be sure to come by to see all we have… and be on the lookout for our end-of-season sales!! As always, we want to make your pool and patios the best on the Crystal Coast; keep us in mind the next time you’re in Atlantic Beach! Contact us today!

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