Pool Chemistry


We carry a full line of Proteam Pool Products, the premier leader in the pool cleaning industry. Our inventory includes shocks, chlorine sticks and tablets, algaecides, balancers, enhancers, sanitizers and troubleshooting chemicals. Below are a few of the products we carry in our retail store to help you keep your pool in tip top condition and sparkling daily.

Polyquat 60
Severest Algae Treatment

Alkalinity Up
Calcium Up
PH Down

Weekly Treat
Microfloc Clarifier
UV Shield
Power Enzyme

3” High Tech Tabs
3” Pure Tabs
1” Pure Tabs

Power Magic AC
Shock & Swim

Supreme Plus
Metal Magic
Filter Magic

Proteam Spa:
Gentle Spa
Spa Oxidizing Shock
Spa Brominating Tabs
Sky Blue Clarifier
Spa PH Increaser
Spa PH Decreaser
Spa Alkalinity Up
Spa Calcium Up
Spa Di-Chlor

Natural Chemistry

The natural option to pool sanitation and maintenance is at Natural Chemistry. Avoiding chemicals while managing your pool and spa can be important to your own and your family’s health, so check out what our preferred natural pool vendor has to offer!

The Pool & Patio Store also offers a great selection of accessories to assist you with caring and maintaining your pool. From skimmer nets to automated cleaners, we can provide what you are looking for to take care of your pool.

FROG System

Seeking the safest way to manage your swimming pool or hot tub?  Introducing the FROG system, carried by The Pool and Patio Store of Atlantic Beach. Now you can keep your family’s favorite water reservoir clean without touching any chemicals.Whether you have a soft-sided pool, above-ground pool, or a hot tub, you’ll find exactly what you need to effortlessly keep these safely maintained at The Pool and Patio Store. Serving all of Carteret County, North Carolina. We carry the following products:

As @Ease  (Spa product)
Spa Frog (Pool Product)
Flippin Frog  (Pool Product)
Flipping Frog XL (Pool Product)
Pool Frog  (Pool Product)